Thursday, August 19, 2010

One Month Old!

Finally getting a chance to share the good news...although anyone who reads this blog probably already knows :) Judah Joseph Parker came into the world exactly 1 month ago today!

My birth story (the condensed version):
The weekend Judah was born Josh and I finally felt "ready." There were still a few loose ends to tie up, but we felt like they could wait. So, we spent the weekend doing lots of walking to get things going. Saturday & Sunday afternoons I felt exceptionally exhausted, so on Sunday afternoon I laid down on the couch to try to nap (I can pretty much count on one hand the number of times I actually had a chance to nap during my pregnancy). After a while of restlessness, I told Josh I was going to try laying on my other side and try to sleep. Well, as soon as I was upright and before I had a chance to lay down on my other side, I felt a trickle and knew immediately that my water was breaking (I NEVER thought I would be one of the 10% whose water breaks...haha). It was 3:45. Since I had tested positive for Strep B, it meant I would have to get to the hospital fairly quickly if my water broke to get started on antibiotics. I had hoped to do most of my laboring at home, so I was pretty bummed that I would have to be at the hospital for such a long time. Anyway, before calling the doctor like I was supposed to I decided to straighten up the house and get some laundry going. About an hour later we called the doctor and she said to head to the hospital. The doctor on call was unfortunately one of my least favorites, but I felt okay about it and knew everything would be fine. After throwing in some late additions to our hospital bags, we were on our way! The weird thing about broken water is that it continues to come every so often it feels like you're peeing yourself. Haha, I brought a couple towels to sit on for the ride to the hospital just in case. On our way we stopped to return a movie so we wouldn't have to pay any extra :) Once we got to the hospital we got checked in super quickly because we had pre-registered. It was pretty slow (baby-wise) when we got there, so we got placed in the best room in the house with the most beautiful view. Score. We started getting settled and waited awhile before we started letting everyone know what was going on. Shortly after, my mom and dad arrived. Josh and I began making laps walking back and forth in the labor and delivery wing to try to get things going. I had Josh ask if there were any stairs I could climb, but they said no :( By 7:00 or 7:30 PM contractions were becoming pretty steady. I was determined to have a natural birth and labored from 7ish PM to 11AM. I squeezed Josh’s hand through every contraction and my mom rubbed my back because my back labor was so extreme. My dad sat in the corner and prayed between dozing in and out of sleep. He often gave me my water in between contractions, too. Everyone had miraculously fallen into a specific role to help me and I really couldn't have done it without them. It was SO intense but never once did I ask for pain medication. I threw up almost the entire time, even through contractions. A couple times I told Josh, “I don’t know how much longer I can do this,” but he always reassured me that I was doing an amazing job. And he was amazing as well. Things were progressing perfectly, but unfortunately, everything stopped abruptly at 11AM. The nurse thought it was because my body was so exhausted. By this time, there had been a shift change and MY doctor was the doctor on call! She and the nurse suggested I take pitocin to get things moving again, which I resisted with everything I could. I tried to get things going again on my own but it just wasn’t working. So, finally around 1PM, fearing I would end up having to have a c-section, I said okay to the pitocin and things got going again. And they got going fast! Not long after it came time to push I gave it everything I had. After 36 minutes there Judah was at 3:26 PM! The most amazing moment of mine and Josh's life!

Well, that was the mostly condensed version I guess...there's so much I left out, but it's really hard to put into words such a miraculous event.  I guess the biggest thing I left out was how amazing it was that each person who was supposed to be there, was. It was like God hand-picked each and everyone of them to make things easier for me. Every nurse, every doctor, they were exactly who they needed to be - and I'm so thankful to all of them!

The last few weeks have been a's amazing how long one can survive on only a couple hours of sleep! Nothing can prepare you for the demanding schedule of taking care of a newborn! It makes me appreciate all the mothers out there even more than I did before :)  I love this little guy so much, though, and it makes all the sweat and tears (and poop and pee and spit-up) worth it. Josh and I are so thankful for such a wonderful, healthy, and handsome liitle boy!

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