Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Three Months Old!

Well, a LOT has happened since the last post! First off, Judah's 2 month appointment went great. He was in the 90th percentile for length and about 50th for weight...long and lean! Although, I am happy to report this little guy is quickly filling out, getting some deliciously chunky rolls on his legs along with a little belly :) Also at his appointment he had his first round of shots.  I wrestled with the idea of an alternative schedule for quite sometime, but after reading all that I could and seeking friends' advice, I settled for the CDC schedule.  Judah did so good! He initially cried but it lasted maybe 30 seconds and his only side affect was a fever that night.  SO thankful for such a positive experience with that.
The second big piece of news is that I'm officially a stay-at-home mom! Long story short, we came up empty-handed in our childcare search (places were full, would only do part-time, etc). I was very disappointed to have to leave my job but obviously thrilled to not have to be away from my little man 40+ hours/week.  There is more to say on that....but will have to save it for another post.
So, in the past month Judah has continued to "talk" and is sometimes very vocal which we love! The sounds he makes and the way he moves his mouth to make them are both hilarious and adorable.  A few weeks ago he started rolling over (tummy to back) but that seemed to have lasted 2-3 weeks and is now much less frequent.  He can sit up in his bumbo (thanks for the loan, Cloutiers!) which is very cute, but cannot sit up at all on his own (Baby Center told me today that he  should be able to do this for short periods without slumping forward or immediately toppling to the side...this is not the case??).  He LOVES to stand and I'm pretty sure we'll be setting up the jumperoo very soon because we know he will enjoy putting those legs to some use!  We've had "playdates" with his friends Eva, the Cloutiers, and mostly Koa & Khalil (Judah is 1 month and 2 months the senior of these baby boys).  He also got to spend time with his cousins, Erika & Laurel, last weekend. We look forward to the birth of his newest cousin and playmate, Levi, in December!  Judah also attended his first Beaver game (quite the adventure) and went on his first roadtrip to Seattle so mommy and daddy could go to a wedding.

Well, that's all for now!  We will soon be embarking on Judah's first plane ride and the details of that trip will be sure to grace the pages of this blog in the near future :)