Thursday, November 18, 2010

Judah's 1st Halloween

Judah had a great 1st Halloween! It began on the Friday before when his auntie April and cousins Erika & Laurel drove all the way down from Newberg to join us trick-or-treating in downtown Corvallis.  Mostly the cousins did the trick-or-treating, but Judah did get a few pieces for mommy & daddy.  Halloween continued on the actual day, which was also cousin Jacob's 14th birthday. We took Judah around the neighborhood to a few houses with his auntie Steph and Jacob & Ashley.  Papa & Nana stayed at our place to hand out candy for the little time we were gone. There were some really decked out houses in the neighborhood, including one really awesome one, complete with moving skeleton pirates (and music, fog, lights, etc)! It will be so much fun when Judah is a little older and can enjoy these silly, scary decorations!

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