Friday, November 12, 2010


This fall, Sarah and I have been friends for 10 years! We originally met during orientation at Lipscomb University, well actually first her mom and my dad met.  When our parents realized we were both from opposites corners of the country (Oregon & Pennsylvania) it seemed only natural that the two of us should meet, being that most of Lipscomb's student body was from Tennessee, or at least the South. Sarah and I emailed a couple times over the summer to get to know each other better and as fate would have it, we ended up in the same dorm, on the same floor.  During the first week of school, the bond that we made would last a lifetime.  It mostly consisted of me going over to her room everyday after class to watch soap operas...and I would cry and cry because I really didn't like it there and I missed home so much!  Sarah was my shoulder to cry on during that first month of school (yep, I think I cried at least everyday for a month!) and I'm pretty sure without her I wouldn't have made it through those first few weeks away from home. But also, to backtrack a little, it was during the first week of school that we were at this function (I would hardly call it a party...not after being at a non-private, state university) where I insisted we go meet this group of boys (I was pretty boy crazy back in those days before Josh).  In that group of boys was James.  From that first introduction, James & Sarah would never be apart again...they dated all throughout college and married shortly after graduation. Even though I'm sure they would have met on their own terms later on at Lipscomb, I like to think that I'm the one responsible for introducing Sarah to her husband that first week of school :)  Anyway, Sarah and my friendship continued over the ups and downs of freshman year and into sophomore when we studied abroad together in Vienna.  We traveled all over Europe together with a few of our other Lipscomb friends and had the time of our lives! While there, we also experienced 9/11...a day we will never forget.  After that semester abroad, and after experiencing being so far away from my family on that fateful day of 9/11, it was time for me to return to the great Northwest and I transferred to Oregon State. But Sarah & I remained in touch.  I headed to Nashville during Spring break 2002 for a visit and Sarah came out to OR the following year during her Spring break (she first met Josh on that trip).  In 2004 we both got married and were bridesmaids in each other's weddings (Josh & I made the trip out to PA for their wedding and Sarah & James came here for ours). Josh & James got to know each other better when the 4 of us met up for vacation in Vegas one spring.  Then, Josh and I headed out to Nashville in 2006.  In 2007 I made the trip alone after the birth of Sarah & James' first daughter, Marlie.  The following year the family of 3 made their way out West.  We were going to head back to Nashville the next year, but when we heard Sarah & James were expecting their second, we all decided we'd wait until 2010 so we could meet that little one too.  Meanwhile, we learned that we were pregnant with Judah, so it made even more sense to postpone our trip.  Which brings us to this fall!

Just a couple weeks ago Judah took his first plane ride across the country to Nashville!  He was the perfect baby on our trip, on the way home a sweet old woman (with her southern drawl) said, "He is such a good baby. You must be a wonderful mother." What mom doesn't want to hear those words!?  We had a great time on our trip.  Shortly after we landed, Josh & James headed out to a Predators (NHL) game and Sarah & I headed home with the kiddos and enjoyed some broccoli cheese soup Sarah made (both our husbands hate broccoli...they really are two of a kind!).  The following night Sarah, her sister Erika, and I got to have a nice dinner out while the boys were in charge of the kids.  The remainder of our short trip was pretty relaxed as we watched football and just enjoyed each other's families.  Marlie who's 3 kept asking to hold Judah because, "He's just so adorable," she would say.  Marlie also put on a number of concerts for us, to the tune of Glee's version of Journey...priceless. She also read us many stories from her little pink Bible, mostly action packed tales about Jesus and a panda bear (haha!). Between taking care of Judah and being entertained by Marlie, poor sweet, little Lyla didn't get too much of our attention...but we were SO happy to meet her for the first time and look forward to seeing how much she's grown and changed when the Prices make their way to Oregon next year!  I should also add that Sarah & James are excellent photographers and took some great pictures of us while we were there (including the new picture at the top of our blog).


The Price's said...

LOVE this!!! love the new look of the blog and of course, the picture. and love what you wrote....i teared up. we sure have been through a lot of great things together:) now, i need to get a move on it and update my blog. it won't be near as good as yours but i will try. love you guys!!!

Parkers said...

Awww :) We have been through a lot...and that was only part of it! SO thankful for blogs and Facebook to help keep us close even when we're so far really does help!