Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Six Months Old!

Happy half birthday lil J! Wow, truly cannot believe it's been a HALF YEAR since we welcomed Judah into the world. He has brought our lives SO much more joy and love than we ever thought possible. In fact, we can't wait for him to have a brother or sister (don't worry, we're not working on that quite yet)!  Now we understand why some people choose to have such big families.  We're going to do our best to stick to two, though :)

So, let's see, the biggest things that have happened since the five month post are that Judah has gotten TWO teeth :) and his first cold :( He also celebrated his very first Christmas and New Years. He is sitting up all on his own! Although, we never like to leave him without something soft to fall on...just in case. He can be a little chatterbox, either squealing or babbling away.  The babbles have even included "Dada," and "Mama," which are music to our ears.  He loves jumping in his Jumperoo and sitting underneath the toys on his play mat.  He's a pretty happy, mellow baby, although since teething, our nights have been pretty rough...which is no fun for him or for us.  His big six month checkup is tomorrow...we're predicting that he will weigh in around 17 lbs. Maybe a little under.