Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Seven Months Old!

I'm so bummed! For the first time I didn't get Judah's monthly update posted on the actual day :(  Now that I've gotten that out of the way, here's the update:
  • Judah is now eating solids (all homemade): rice, oatmeal, acorn squash, sweet potatoes (yams), carrots, and green beans (soon on the menu: butternut squash, sweet peas, and avocado).
  • Sits up like a pro!
  • Loves standing with help, but can stand on his own little bits at a time (cannot pull up to stand on his own, though).
  • Not really expressing much interest in crawling (I think that's because he knows we will carry him everywhere he wants to go).
  • Always loves to pull off his socks and chew on them or his toes (I think he gets this from his mama, haha).
  • Has put mama's cloth diapering confidence to the test with the new solid food poo texture (ew!).
  • Now has an earlier bedtime (around 8) and takes naps (IN HIS CRIB....HOORAY!).
  • Is SUCH a good boy...we love him SO much!