Monday, March 21, 2011

See You At The Crossroads

Cue Bone Thugs N, not really (although I did just pull it up to listen to, just for fun). So here we are again, back at the crossroads. Didn't think we'd be coming back so quickly (or at all for that matter), but such is life and we have much to be thankful for despite our current situation.

As you will recall, Josh had a major career change about 2 years ago when the company he'd worked at for 5+ years was not doing so well because of the nasty economy (if you don't remember, you can read about it here).  After he said goodbye to Cascade Design, he started working for NuScale, a promising new company in town, and that was truly an answer to (so many) prayers! You can learn more about what the company does here. Long story short (I always say that and end up writing a ton anyway), what was once a promising new company, now feels more like a sinking ship.  Basically, we learned a couple months ago that NuScale's sole investor (funding the entire operation, including Joshie's salary) was being investigated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Translation: not good.  NuScale was forced to furlough almost half of it's employees in January and thankfully, Josh was not one of them, but remaining employees were subject to pay reductions. Okay, not so bad, not ideal, but not so bad. NuScale was hopeful it could turn things around quickly, bring back furloughed employees, and restore salaries, however, this did not happen and things got worse. So, last Friday, NuScale had to lay off about 2/3 of the company. Thankfully again, Josh was was not one of them. He and the remaining 30 or so employees are now working at minimum wage in hopes that the company can be saved (read more about that in this article).

So where does that really leave us? It's hard to say at this point. The good thing is that we've been in this uncertain position before, and we know that the Lord provided for us then, and he will provide for us again.  However this time around the stakes are a little higher...we have a mortgage and a child. And thanks to that awesome first time home-buyers tax credit we are locked into this place for another year (we just celebrated our 2 year house anniversary yesterday and we have to live here a total of 3 years before we can sell). We're not entirely sure at this point how much time NuScale has to secure other funding before permanently shutting down operations, so it's hard to say just how long Josh has a job. We also cannot survive on minimum wage forever! But, we really do believe in NuScale and are hopeful that things will turn around.

All that being said, we know we need to be smart in case things don't work out. So, we need to explore our options and figure out a back-up plan, whatever and wherever that might be.

As always, we appreciate your prayers as we seek God's guidance and direction for our lives.


Jennifer House said...

I will pray for your family. It'll be great to see how God will pull you through this!

Parkers said...

Thanks for praying Jennifer! We could never have too many prayers.