Monday, May 9, 2011

My First Mother's Day

We started my very first Mother's Day weekend by heading up to Portland on Saturday morning. Josh's mom's husband Gary had a terrible bike accident last Sunday - he fractured his pelvis and broke his collar bone. He had to have surgery on his shoulder/collar bone where they put in two plates and TWENTY pins. Ouch! Josh's mom Viki missed a lot of work after the accident so she had to make up for it by going into work on Saturday. We went up to keep Gary company while she was away and to help out a little. We had a great time with Gary (who is taking this injury like a champ by the way) and were even able to stop by Viki's work on our way home where we got a behind-the-scenes tour of how a movie production office operates, very cool.

We didn't really have any set plans for Sunday, but it ended up being so great. I'm so thankful to have had such a special day. Josh made sure that I was spoiled in every way possible throughout the day (I love you honey, thank you so much!). We started off with presents in the morning: an adorable handmade card, a beautiful "Mother's ring" with a ruby for Judah's birth month, and some of my favorite chocolates...yum.

Next on the agenda was Starbucks and Noah's Bagels on our way to church...I even got to splurge and have cream cheese on my bagel (lol, usually I just bring it home for the cream cheese since to get it there costs more than the bagel itself...kinda silly). Our church has a tradition of honoring new babies (and their proud parents) each year on Mother's Day, something that we were really, really looking forward to, so that was next on the agenda (I had a number of ladies tell me they were a little distracted by all the cuteness during the prayer...I can't blame them!).

After church we went with my family to Broken Yolk, my favorite breakfast restaurant (my mom and sister let me choose where we went since it was my first Mother's Day, thanks guys!).

After that, me and my boys strolled around downtown so I could do some window shopping. Then, we went home where we chilled for a bit before I got to go have a nice little break with my mom and sister...we decided we'd go see a movie ("Water for Elephants," which was SO good). I rounded out the day by coming home to spend some more time with my boys before putting Judah down for bed.

It was such a great day...I am so blessed!

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