Sunday, June 19, 2011


Happy Father's day to the love of my life, Judah's amazing daddy, Josh! (Josh & Koa who were also celebrating their first Father's Day were apparently on the same orange and white wavelength today for church :) In order to fully celebrate Josh's daddyhood, the celebrating began Friday night when Josh & Judah had a guys night out with my dad to our nephew's basketball game. On Saturday morning, Judah celebrated his daddy by sleeping in past 8 o'clock (Josh's biggest Father's Day wish was getting to sleep in, mission accomplished) - as soon as he was up and fed, we got ready and hopped on the bus to go downtown for breakfast at Josh's favorite spot, Broken Yolk. We then walked around the Farmer's Market and bought Josh some strawberries, went to Peak Sports to buy Josh's real Father's Day present: Vibram Fivefingers, and then walked back home. Josh spent most of the rest of the day playing with Judah while I worked on things for my dad's business (post to come on that) and we finished out the evening by ordering take-out from Joshie's favorite Chinese restaurant and renting a movie. This morning Josh got his card (and a gift card for a massage) from Judah and I, we had some pumpkin bread for breakfast (his request), went to church, and had a fabulous BBQ for lunch with my family. Josh also got his second Father's Day wish, a nap :) I think if you asked him, he'd tell you he had a pretty great 1st Father's Day.


Wow, where to begin? Judah has changed and developed so much over the past month it's really hard to know where to start! He quickly went from scooting backwards and army crawling to full out crawling and pulling up to stand within the span of about a week. He is into EVERYTHING and we have had to say "no" about a hundred times more than we ever knew we would. We finally got a baby gate for the stairs and a play-n-play (so I can turn my back for more than a couple seconds without worrying about Lil J's safety) and will probably be doing some more baby-proofing as the needs arise. It has been such a joy to watch him learn and grow so much so fast...and now the countdown till the big FIRST BIRTHDAY begins!!