Thursday, April 19, 2012


Photo by our friend Lindsay

Hard to believe that in three short months we will have a 2-year-old on our hands! In the meantime, our 21-month-old is keeping us plenty busy. Judah has changed and developed so much during the past three months it's hard to keep up. Here are a few highlights:
  • Judah is a pro at puzzles and problem solving. One day after having his puzzles tucked away (because they hadn't seemed age appropriate), he proceeded to put the entire thing together like he'd been doing it forever. With a little help we worked to put some more difficult ones together and he was able to put some even more complex puzzles together the next time we visited his grandma and grandpa with little help from anyone. Way to go little buddy!
  • Judah loves playing the piano. With his big hands and long fingers we have high hopes that he will want to take lessons when he's bigger (after mama's taught him everything she knows) would be music to our ears :)

  • He's definitely a late bloomer in the talking department (in comparison to his chatty friends), but has recently been growing leaps and bounds in his vocabulary. Josh and I can't wait for him to talk more...we know he has lots to say and are looking forward to him being able to communicate his wants and needs with us.
  • Judah peed in the potty 4 days in a row and now wants nothing to do with it. No more peeing on the floor/us, though, which we won't complain about. He'll be ready when he's ready I suppose.
  • He has started taking off his pj's and un-velcroing his diaper cover in the morning. I just know one of these days I am going to walk in to find a poop covered crib and walls, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there. I shudder at the thought.
  • In an effort to maintain my sanity I decided to divide Judah's smaller toys into three different tubs. Every day or two we pull out a different tub. This keeps things new and interesting and doesn't overwhelm mama with so much to pick up, put away, and pick up again. It's also hard for Judah (or any child) to focus with too many toys to choose from. This tub system helps simplify things for him. The funny thing is that Judah enjoys playing in the tubs even more than playing with the toys themselves. It's hilarious.

  • We joined the Corvallis Indoor Park co-op. Even though we don't go super often (we enjoy being homebodies when we can), Judah loves playing with the big toys there that we don't have at home (especially the playhouse, trampoline, and ride-able cars). It's a nice warm/dry place to go when we don't want to get soaked at the park during our rainy Spring.
  • Judah is SUPER quirky when it comes to eating (my family rolls their eyes at this since they labeled me a "picky eater" from an early age...not sure what part about not wanting to eat meat or fast food makes me "picky," but whatever. Oh yea, I don't like most fruits either. Okay, maybe they have a point. But I do eat more vegetables (quantity and variety) than all of them combined...just saying). He does not like to eat any Cheerio that is not a perfect circle. If his food is in a dish the dish MUST be on his tray or he will not eat it, we can't just hand him bites or pieces, the food/dish must be on his tray (by the way, he is doing SUCH a great job feeding himself which is awesome). If he is eating a cheese stick do not even think about taking it out of the plastic wrapper before he is done or he will not finish it. If Josh and I are dipping something in ketchup/ranch/salsa he doesn't want to be left out of the dipping. And the list goes on and on. But for the record, I blame all Judah's "pickiness" on Josh who is far pickier than I ;)
  • Judah has been getting lots of hand-me-downs from his friend Boston. Except for a couple t-shirts and a dress shirt/sweater vest for Easter, we haven't had to buy any new clothes for a LONG time. So helpful...thanks Cloutiers!
  • I've started watching Judah's little buddy from church, Khalil, every Monday. Since Khalil is just a month younger than Judah they are the perfect playmates and we really enjoy having him. Judah has done a pretty good job sharing his toys but mostly wants to hug and love on Khalil. It's pretty cute. Not sure that Khalil is totally on board with so much affection, but I think once the newness wears off Judah will be more content to just play :)
  • We should also include that were many fun events that happened over the last 3 month span including a couple snow days, Judah's first visit to the Portland children's museum, parties for Nana turning 60 and Grandma turning 50, mama and dadda's first trip solo where Judah spent two nights with my parents and two more nights with Josh's, and most recently, Judah's second Easter complete with Easter basket(s) and egg hunt(s)!

The Parker fam on Easter 2012

  • There's a few sassier stories that I will leave out for now...I'm sure the 2-year post will have plenty to look forward to!

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