Thursday, July 19, 2012


photo by grandma

New parents, when older parents tell you, "It goes by so fast!" you will secretly roll your eyes while nodding your head in agreement...and before your know it, your sweet baby is turning two. They were actually right. Of course there are days that are slower than others. How does it go? "The days are long but the years are short." Yes. Exactly. But anyway, our sweet baby is TWO! Or "dos" as he likes to say. The child refuses to say two. Dos it is.

Here are the updates:
  • In the past few months Judah has learned all his letters. 'M' is still by far his favorite but it's so fun watching him be able to point out all the other letters in the alphabet as well (uppercase. Some of the lowercase are a little tricky).
  • Judah's vocabulary has expanded by leaps and bounds! He still has a long way to go (and still has a hard time saying more than one word at a time), but we are so thrilled with his progress and can't wait until he starts stringing together sentences.
  • "Oh," proceeds most things Judah is excited about. "Oh, truck!" "Oh, Dadda!" "Oh, puppies!"
  • Ketchup makes everything better. And bribes. We pretty much do anything we can to make mealtime easier (and to ensure Judah is getting a somewhat balanced diet).
  • Other things Judah currently loves: maps, hanging from monkey bars, riding in dadda's truck, "dough-doughs" (Judah gets a donut at the farmer's market each Saturday), splashing in the pool, airplanes, watching Jeopardy with dadda and mama, saying the word "ambulance"