Monday, November 5, 2012


At a little over 2 and a quarter years old, there are SO many Judah updates to share! Here are a few:
  • One day early in September, Judah decided to start calling Josh "Daddy" instead of "Dadda." It has been amazing to witness his speech and vocabulary improving over the last four months!
  • For as long as Judah has known ALL the letters of the alphabet (since he turned two in July), he's only been singing the ABC song for the last month. It's adorable. We're still working on lowercase letter recognition (he knows most of them, but there's a few that are a bit confusing)...I need to find some lowercase flashcards or magnets/foam bath letters!
  • Judah can count to ten and does a pretty good job recognizing if there are one, two, or three objects. Time to move to 11-20!
  • He knows all his colors and enjoys pointing out what color things are.
  • He's a bit of a car expert. He can recognize a Prius ("Gama's car") or PT Cruiser ("Nana's car") from miles away :)
  • No surprise, his favorite toys are his cars, trucks, buses, tractors, trains...and legos.
  • Judah is obsessed with anatomy. Particularly his own variety. EVERYday he likes to list off who has one and who doesn't (friends and family). It's kind of exhausting and we keep on trying to explain to him that's not something we need to talk about ALL the time. Boys.
  • When we're not talking about their anatomy, Judah still loves listing off all his family and friends, and especially his cousins, and talk about what they're doing that day: Jacob ("Gah-boot"...he can say "Jacob" perfectly, but he prefers to call him "Gah-boot" - your guess is as good as mine!), Ashley (now officially "Ashely" and no longer "Ackey"), Erika, Laurel ("Worrel"), and Levi ("Weigh-Wee") He also likes naming off all the family and friends we have in photos around the's too cute.
  • Meal time continues to be a bit of a struggle. The latest is that Judah likes to hold food in his mouth. This can be something he isn't fond of or doesn't like the texture of, or it could be a food he likes but just isn't in the mood for swallowing. It's SUPER annoying (not to mention dangerous) and we're trying to work through it. Anyone else have a child that does this kinda thing!?
  • There are a hundred cute and endearing things that make up for the couple annoying habits, of course. I know there are more to include that I'm not remembering at the for now I'll just add some pictures of late summer/fall!!
  • Ooh, one more thing! Before when asked what his name was, Judah replied, "Parker." But now he is officially, "Ju-Ju. Ju-Ju Parker."

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