Wednesday, January 23, 2013


This has been such a fun time in Judah's life. It has been amazing to see his growth and development over the last few months as he's soaking up EVERYTHING like a little sponge. Of course there have been plenty of meltdowns and tantrum-esque moments (especially when it comes to mealtime...let's just put it this way, peanut butter and jelly is our friend! Organic whole wheat bread, organic peanut butter, organic jelly...that's not too bad, right!?), but Judah is constantly bringing a smile to our face.

Even a good three weeks into January, Judah is still celebrating Christmas singing Santa Claus is Coming to Town and Jingle Bells on a daily basis (Jingle Bells is a particular favorite as of late and we sing it multiple times throughout the day) and saying a hearty "Merry Christmas, Mama {or whoever}!" (although this one is getting a little less frequent).

Judah is OBSESSED with the movie Cars (well, now Cars 2 since he got it for Christmas). He asks to watch it about 20 times a day. We were trying really hard not to expose Judah to TV (except for a little football or Jeopardy here and there), but when I was ill the entire month of November (with shingles, etc), a little screen-time became my saving grace. With the baby on the way it will also be helpful, but I still kind of cringe when I see Judah's eyes glazed over and glued to the screen. It is fun to see him so excited about something, though. He plays with his Cars cars everyday (along with Thomas the Train/his train set and all his other cars and trucks...this boy is ALL boy).

Judah is also obsessed with coffee and soda (things he is forbidden to have since he only drinks milk and water...we don't even give him juice, just a little hot chocolate/chocolate milk every once in a while). When asked, "Are you going to go to school when you get bigger?" His reply was, "Yes, and drink coffee." Such a silly boy.

There are so many more fun stories to share, but I smell poop so I need to go (yes, no advances in the potty-training department...major bummer). Here are the stats from yesterday's 30-month appointment: Judah is almost 39 inches tall (between the 95th and 100th percentile!) and about 32.8 pounds (almost 80th percentile which makes him a little underweight based on his BMI, but the doctor isn't concerned). Our long and lean boy!


The Price's said...

so cute!! sounds just like lyla...she is still singing christmas songs all the time and listens to it on the ipod at nap and bedtime. she too, loves to drink "coffee", haha. must be the age and curiosity of it. he's a big boy :) i'm betting that lyla won't be much over 25 lbs at her 3 year appt. she is still wearing 18 month clothes. and a little tv doesn't hurt anyone, he is plenty stimulated i know!!

Anonymous said...

Judah visited me at work yesterday and I've heard today from my co-workers how adorable and how smart/bright he is.....hum, let me think.....I AGREE!!!!

Nana said...

That last comment was mine....still learning how to use media I'm afraid

Elisabeth said...

Sarah, how I wished we lived closer so Judah and Lyla could play together! Sounds like they'd have SO much fun (as long as Judah didn't squash her). And Mom, no worries...people who are pros with social media have a hard time figuring out blogger sometimes :)