Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Here are some Judah-isms  I hope I never forget. (Judah-isms...not to be confused with Judaisms. Two totally different things.)

"Dis for me?"

"I yike (like) me." - Well, we like you too Judah :)

"Well, heh-woah (hello) so-and-so!"

"Hi people!" - Singular or plural, especially to servers at a restaurant...this kid hasn't quite grasped stranger-danger.

"Daddy, you gettin' sassy." - Not sure where he came up with this one but it is hilarious every time.

"May I watch a moo-yee (movie) pease (please)?" - Usually the first words out of Judah's mouth in the morning.

"Milk and wa-wa (water), fishies??" - Whenever it's time to eat at home (breakfast, lunch, or dinner) we must start with these three things :)

"Mama hold you?" "Mama help you?" - Me/you are synonymous of course :)

"More Thomas!" - Judah loves when I sing the Thomas the Train song in a silly British accent...as SOON as I'm finished he wants me to start it again.

"How 'bout Judah pray? Jesus name AMEN!" - Judah has the most precious prayers. Sometimes very short and sweet ("Jesus name AMEN!"), usually ended with hands thrown up in the air excitedly, similar to a touchdown call :)

"Parties are fun!" - A line he likes to repeat from Finding Nemo at random times during the day.