Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Ezra is SO laid back (he gets that from his daddy, of course :). You just would never know he's been through all he's been through. He often has a very serious expression, especially when we're at the doctor's office (go figure!), but he is the sweetest, most smiley, silliest baby with us...and lately likes to stick out his tongue like he's doing here.

I like to look back at Judah's monthly updates when I'm writing Ezra's, just to see how he's doing in spite of his disrupted start at life. I was so happy to see how well he's doing developmentally in comparison to how Judah was doing back when he was seven months.

Judah at 7 Months (in gray) and Ezra at 7 months (in black):

1) Judah is now eating solids (all homemade): rice, oatmeal, acorn squash, sweet potatoes (yams), carrots, and green beans (soon on the menu: butternut squash, sweet peas, and avocado).

1) We're still on rice with Ezra. Not homemade. We need to get all the extra iron in this little guy that we can, so fortified it is! Looking forward to trying more foods, but it will be at a much slower pace to make sure there aren't any new allergies.

2) Sits up like a pro!

2) Ezra still falls over sometimes (often with the help of his big brother), but he can sit for long stretches on his own which is awesome!

3) Loves standing with help, but can stand on his own little bits at a time (cannot pull up to stand on his own, though).

3) Ezra has loved to stand for a long time now. Still not completely on his own, obviously, but this kid has always preferred to stretch his legs out (in the womb he constantly had his feet in my ribs - and I'm convinced he was also kicking off of them during my final contractions when it was time to push to help me out...I'm not even kidding).

4) Not really expressing much interest in crawling (I think that's because he knows we will carry him everywhere he wants to go).

4) Ezra isn't rolling over from back to tummy yet (just from tummy to back). He only rolls from his back to his side. But when he is in a sitting position, he leans over onto his hands and pushes up on his legs like he wants to take off.

5) Always loves to pull off his socks and chew on them or his toes (I think he gets this from his mama, haha).

5) No difference with Ezra. Which is why I usually keep him in footed pajamas so his tootsies can stay nice and warm.

6) Has put mama's cloth diapering confidence to the test with the new solid food poo texture (ew!).

6) Cloth diapers, what? Let's just say, the first time around, the environment was very high on my priority list...this time around, survival has been at the top of that list. Toxic chemo poo made cloth diapering a complete no-no, and post-chemo, Ezra has incredibly sensitive skin and it just hasn't worked for us. All that is to say, I think cloth-diapering is awesome and I still consider myself a cloth-diapering pro/advocate. And maybe it will work with Ezra down the road. But for now, survival trumps being earth-friendly. We'll let the parents with healthy kids take on saving the environment for now :)

7) Now has an earlier bedtime (around 8) and takes naps (IN HIS CRIB....HOORAY!).

7) Up until about two weeks ago, Ezra went to bed when we went to bed and slept by my side either in the co-sleeper or the rock-n-play. I couldn't bear to have him out of my sight or out of reach. But now that his numbers are up, and the vomiting has subsided, and we have *shhhhhhh* taken him off the supplemental feeding tube (partially because he was waking up every.single.hour for nearly 2 months straight), he is going to bed just after Judah, IN THE NURSERY (with a video monitor)! We're like whole new people now that we all aren't awake every hour of the night. He's sometimes able to sleep 4 hour stretches now! I think the increase in sleep is going to work wonders for his growth (and for our sanity). He doesn't nap in his room yet. Usually it's in my arms if I can swing it (I can sometimes get him to nap when Judah naps. There were so many times in the earlier days when I was robbed of the joy of holding my sleeping baby as we were going to and from doctors, so now I'm clinging on to these moments every chance I get!).
8) Is SUCH a good boy...we love him SO much!

8) Ditto. Ezra is pure joy. We have been blessed beyond measure with both our boys and we love them so very much.

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