Friday, December 20, 2013


There were too many cute pics to choose from this month! I absolutely LOVE this last picture which highlights Ezra's chunky little legs. He may be tiny, but he definitely has plenty of meat on his bones :)

Things have been relatively uneventful around here lately which we always welcome with open arms...counts looked fairly stable last week so we are able to continue avoiding chemo for now. SO thankful we will have a chemo-free Christmas! An answer to many, many prayers.

At eight months, Ezra's favorite thing to do is watch his big bro play and do funny things...Judah continues to be the only one who can make Ezra laugh without lots of tickling involved. We are still having a tough time introducing solids as Ezra appears to be allergic to EVERYTHING. Ugh, food allergies stink! Looking forward to some guidance and suggestions when we see his GI during a marathon day of appointments at Doernbecher's early next month.

Happy eight months, Ezra! We are SO looking forward to celebrating your first Christmas together.

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Sheba Wooddell said...

I'm Thankin God for calming the storm for a while with His omnipotent care and love for all of you.. What an adorable picture with the tree. Please know my heart hurts so for what you must endure and I continue to pray for God's Peace that passeth all understanding to be within you. God Bless your time together.
Sheba Wooddell