Sunday, January 19, 2014


Let me start off by saying that God has blessed us with two of the sweetest boys on the face of this earth. But, my oh my, the terrible twos threes are a real thing people! There were a couple memes floating around Facebook recently, and they are so spot on for our sweet Judah...

But other than the times when no amount of logic or reason or even humor can calm our seemingly hormonal and irrational three-and-a-half-year-old, this is actually the funnest age yet! It is such a joy to witness Judah's intelligence and imagination blossom right before our eyes. This kid's memory is unbelievable. He can hear a song or a book just a couple times and repeat it back, word for is pretty amazing (to his parents and grandparents, at least). And if he doesn't remember a word, he makes one up and doesn't skip a beat! (Current favorite books to recite: The Polar Express and Space Walk and favorite songs to sing: Disney Frozen soundtrack and Do-Re-Mi)

Happy three and a half years to our sweet, sometimes highly emotional, one and only Judah!

Judah-isms, Part 2 (Part 1 here)

"It's your lucky day buddy!" (In response to getting a hot chocolate or other special treat.)

*Me cleaning up things around the house, Judah following right behind me undoing everything.*
Me: "Judah, that's not very helpful for you to make messes of the things I've already cleaned up."
Judah: "Oh, so you mean you don't want my help?"

Us: "Judah, can you go get ________?"
Judah: "Oh yes I sure can."

*Judah asks us a question*
*We answer*
Judah replies: "Oh, oh! I see."

Us: "Ezra, are you poopy?"
Judah: *sniff, sniff* "Oh yes, you are poopy Ezra." (Whether he is poopy or not, haha)

*Ezra crying in car*
Judah: "It's okay baby brother, mama will feed you." Or, "It's okay Ezra, we're almost home." Or, not quite as sweet, "Ezra, Ezra! Chillax."

Judah: *sneeze*
Me: "Bless you!"
Judah: "I tooted too."
Mom: "Way to multitask, buddy."

PS - A special thanks to my BFF Sarah of Sarah Thomson Price Photography for brightening up my amateur photos of Judah!

PPS - "I can't keep calm I'm three" and "Threenager" images via: here and here

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