Thursday, November 19, 2015


I've been Instagram-ing only a fraction of the time I've been blogging, but it is definitely my preferred form of social media these days. A lot of times you might just get stuck with pictures of my lunch (I have a slight obsession with Caprese salad) or my passion for Baptiste Yoga, but the one and only Ezra is definitely a focus, along with the other lights of my life, Josh and Judah. This blog isn't going away, but my posts are few and far between these days and you'll definitely be missing out on some seriously cute Ezra updates if you don't join me there: @elisabethparker

Ezra has glasses now!

On Instagram 10/26/15:

So many of Ezra's health issues still bring a scare from time to time. Like the other day at his well baby checkup when his doctor found that his spleen was a bit enlarged. But we are done with cancer. So we're not going to give that a second thought. There are so many things that *just happen* with a spleen being a little big every now and then. So what!

Right now we're focusing on this AMAZING little human saying things like, "I do it!" as he tries, with absolutely zero fear, to walk down the stairs even though he can't fully reach the railing.

There were days early on that it was hard to trust the senior Noonan Syndrome parents who said, "Don't worry, they just do things in their own time. He'll crawl. He'll walk. He'll grow. He'll talk. He'll _____." To see it all unfolding before our's amazing. It's amazing for any parent to witness their child reaching these milestones, typically developing or not. But what we are witnessing with Ezra is nothing short of miraculous. To see our prayers and hopes and dreams being answered with this sassy little thing taking off his pants and running (not walking) up to us and saying things like, "Haha, I naked." It is miraculous. Seeing those chubby little legs and a whopping 23 pounds on the scale (*almost* putting us on a standard weight chart)...what!? Miraculous. 

Ezra, we'd prefer you keep your pants on, but we are SO stinkin proud of you. Our hearts are overflowing.

An Ode to Caprese...I wasn't kidding about my obsession

Completed my Baptiste Kids Yoga Teacher Training program in September!