Wednesday, June 8, 2016


& tomorrow
. . .

Tomorrow will mark Ezra's 8th sedation and 9th surgical procedure. And even though we've done this before, it's never easy seeing this sweet boy rolling away in a hospital bed, the big white double doors swinging shut behind him. It's never easy entrusting the life of our child to an anesthesia team, who may or may not have done their due diligence to understand the complications that can arise with sedating a person with Noonan Syndrome. It's never easy spending hours in a busy waiting room, eyes burning from staring at the glowing update screen and gasping for breath in anxious anticipation for the surgeon to walk out each time a door opens. It's never easy.

But here we are again, and here is another opportunity to make the best of the hand Ezra has been dealt. People don't get stronger when life is easy. The calm, happy moments rarely shape us into something better than we were before. So here's to another opportunity for strength and courage, for hope and love, for perseverance, for growth and healing, for choosing joy.

Thank you for all the love and prayers you are sending Ezra's way!