Saturday, August 13, 2016


Throughout the past three years as we rollercoaster with Ezra's health, these sunsets remind us of the beauty and blessings there are to behold no matter what scary things we are faced with. Among all of his challenges, Ezra's vision has been steadily worsening over the past year. On Monday we will head up for another @ohsudoernbecher day. Ezra has a post-op appointment for the surgery he had earlier this summer and he will also have a sedated MRI to make sure nothing is going on neurologically before he has eye surgery later this year. This will be sedation #9, procedure #1000 (not really a thousand, but it definitely feels like that). It's mind-boggling to me that my three-year-old son has endured so much in his young life...and yet, it is the only life he knows...and he's certainly not letting it stop him from living it to the fullest (evident by the bruises and scrapes he is covered with from head to toe from running around this summer). If you think about it, please send your love and prayers Ezra's way on Monday. We are already anxious to get this next obstacle behind us.